Questions for Humans by Dr. John Delony: Friends Edition
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Questions for Humans: Friends

Connect with Other Humans (Without Phones)

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Starting up a good conversation with new (or old) friends can be hard in this digital age. But it doesn’t have to be!

Mental health expert Dr. John Delony wants to help you navigate conversations to eliminate the awkwardness! That’s why he developed Questions for Humans—to help you have a fun conversation with a friend or a group of friends.

All 52 conversation starter cards will help you and your friends have fun, get to know each other more, and get into some entertaining topics. Pull them out the next time the conversation stalls when you’re hanging out, at your favorite restaurant, or during your next team gathering at work. You’ll become an everyday hero—rescuing your friends from awkward conversations like the news, weather or politics.

What to expect when you play:

  • You’ll learn something unexpected.
  • You’ll get some laughs.
  • You’ll find it much, much easier to spark conversations.
  • You’ll build stronger friendships.

Here’s a look at a few questions:

  • What’s a fashion trend that needs to die?
  • What’s the ultimate break-up song?
  • What are you 100% convinced is a scam?

You can spend an hour on one question or go through five or six questions in one sitting! The important part is to have some fun and connect.

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Dr. John Delony

About Dr. John Delony

Dr. John Delony is a mental health expert with two PhDs from Texas Tech University—one in counselor education and supervision and the other in higher education administration. Before joining Ramsey Solutions in 2020, John spent two decades in crisis response, walking with people through severe trauma. Now at Ramsey Solutions, John writes, speaks and teaches on relationships, mental health, anxiety and wellness. He also serves as co-host of The Ramsey Show, the second-largest talk show in the nation that’s heard by 18 million weekly listeners, as well as host of The Dr. John Delony Show. In 2022, John’s book Own Your Past, Change Your Future instantly became a #1 national bestseller. You can also find John featured on DailyMailTV, Fox Business and The Minimalists Podcast.

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