Foundations Curriculum Sponsorship Donation
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Foundations Curriculum Sponsorship Donation

$30 provides curriculum for one high school student

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Ever wish you’d learned about money when you were a kid? We can all agree personal finance should be taught in every high school in America. But it’s not. Only a handful of states require a personal finance course to graduate. And that means millions of students graduate every year without learning basic money skills.

So we created the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum to change that. It’s the money course you wish you had when you were a kid. But the problem is, many schools don’t have funding for the resources they need—not to mention the funding to provide a life-changing program like this.

And that’s where you come in. By making a small one-time donation, you’ll help sponsor a school and get this curriculum in the hands of teachers all across the country—so students never have to make the same money mistakes we made.


Will I be the one teaching this curriculum?

Nope! We’ll handle the school onboarding process. Your contribution will help cover the cost of the Foundations curriculum as well as the training and tools needed to equip a teacher at that school to teach the material.

Can I write off this contribution on my taxes?

Your contribution to a Ramsey Education sponsorship is not a charitable donation and cannot be taken as a deduction against your income taxes.

Will I hear about the impact my contribution is making?

Yes! By contributing, you are opting into emails that will keep you updated on the impact your contribution is making on students’ lives.