Good family life is essential for the optimal development of kids

Good family life is essential for the optimal development of kids

A family is the building block of society and good family life is necessary for the well-being of any society.

The modern world has witnessed mind-boggling advances is science and technology.

Yet today’s man is not happy.

Family life has come under severe stress.

Mental diseases like anxiety and depression are on the rise.

The crime rate in many cities is going up along with suicides.

Other problems are addiction to drugs, promiscuity, and an alarming rise in divorce.

Terrorism has spread its tentacles into most countries.

We have huge stocks of weapons of mass destruction enough to destroy this planet several times.

Can we hope for a better future?

How can we ensure that our world is full of happy families?

How can the world changed for the better?

Can we do anything except pray?

Such questions naturally agitate the minds of those concerned about the world we live in.

Sociologists are often puzzled by the question why does a man behave in a particular way?

Why do some people become serial killers or rapists?

Why do some people turn into terrorists while others become philanthropists or saints?

While the exact cause may not be ascertained in every case it is often possible to trace the roots of antisocial behavior to problems during childhood and adolescence.

The seeds of the behavior of an adult are sown during the early life of that individual or perhaps even in the womb.

Hence good family life is extremely important for the well being of a society.

It is not only the poor who are taking to crimes.

Many adolescents from affluent families have turned into murderers, rapists, and drug addicts.

Properly brought up children are the greatest assets of a country.

When one buys a TV or a washing machine, he gets a user manual that describes how to handle the equipment.

I cannot accept that parents need not learn anything about how to bring up their children who are much more precious.

We need to give greater importance to parental counseling in today’s world and help them to establish good family life.

Modern medicine continues to be a predominantly disease-oriented system rendering mainly curative services.

Patients are looked upon as machines to be repaired.

Even the definition of health adopted by modern medicine is incomplete.

The spiritual dimension of a human being is still not officially recognized even though many doctors particularly psychiatrists feel that man is essentially a soul.

Giving more importance to spiritual development will help in establishing good family life.

In order to bring up a child properly, parents need to first understand their child.

This is not easy considering the fact that every child is unique.

A child is not a miniature adult.

There are so many normal variations.

Often these normal variations cause a lot of anxiety to parents.

Many parents are curious to know why their child behaves in a particular manner.

After extensive reading and by my own observation I am fully convinced that parents commit many mistakes in bringing up their children.

They often do not understand the relationship between love and discipline.

While there are parents who try to be too strict with their children thinking that it is good in the long run there are also parents who are very lenient and ruin their children.

Though a parent has to often learn by trial and error many guidelines can be given.

It has been said that a child’s mind is like wet cement and that whatever falls on it leaves a permanent impression.

Therefore it is necessary to take a close look at the way we are rearing our children and take corrective steps.

The adage prevention is better than cure is particularly true when dealing with children, and I am not talking only about physical diseases.

If children are maintained in a state of sound physical, psychological, spiritual, and social health by establishing good family life they will become healthy adults in every sense of the word and create a healthy society.

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